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Decorous (Photograph Walls) By: digitalpix4all

Selected by jimbo9294

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09 Jun : 14:05
Ah well

18 Apr : 15:29
Damn, even spam in the poll comments.

18 Apr : 15:07
Damn, haven't been the mod here in years and it seems I put up the poll. I see its been 5 years for the last spotlight and the spam is all over the place. Hi all.

12 Apr : 15:00
Me Too. Is SDN going to continue?

12 Apr : 14:58
Me Too. Is SDN going to continue?

11 Apr : 21:53
still here

08 Mar : 23:11
Wow, haven't been on this site since 2007. Time flies

04 Jan : 16:55
Hi There

25 Nov : 17:35
How we gonna know whose birthday it is?

11 Oct : 00:10
something is working

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Bendin' The Strings by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
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Modest by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
Wizner by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
Curtains Open by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
TuLilys by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
Accord by: digitalpix4all in: Graphic Walls
Salt Point Splash by: digitalpix4all in: Photograph Walls
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SDN Spotlight: jazzymjr
jimbo9294 , Monday 30 November 2009 - 17:24:16 // comment: 15

This Spotlight features jazzymjr. jazzymjr has been skinning since 2004, and has been a member of for 2½ years.
jazzymjr creates outstanding WindowBlinds skins. She holds the rank of Journeyman at as well being a member at Skinartistry2, Skinnalicious, and Deviantart.

How did you get started in skinning?
”Way back in 1995, I started piddling with making changes to colors, etc. to make themes. Then in 2004, my son introduced me to XP themes Visual styles. I then decided that I wanted to learn how to make my own skins. Somehow, I stumbled on Windowblinds by accident, and was immediately hooked! I joined Wincustomize, and started making changes to downloaded blinds for my own use. Eventually, after about a year of this, I bit the bullet and made my first blind from scratch.”

Who are your favorite skinners?
”Night Train, Pinchel, and Boopish for blinds. BuzzH58, Fairyy~, for accessories.”

Has anyone of them, inspired you to make a skin? If so, elaborate a bit.
”The person that was most influential in talking me into making blinds is Boopish. The person who was, and still is, my mentor, is Night Train…his work is top-notch in my book. He has been there for me every step of the way, encouraging and teaching me.”

Of the skins you made, which is your favorite?
”Of all the skins I have made, I guess it has to be Kayonite. I keep using that blind, changing its color to go with whatever wall I am currently using. My favorite Christmas skin is the one I just made…Holly Time. I have had that one on my desktop ever since I released it the first part of November.”

Do you have anything you are working on now?
”Right now…no. I am in the process of switching over to Windows 7, and will not be making any more skins until SKS 7 and WB 7 come out of beta.”

What skins are you using right now on your desktop?
”Holly Time blind and Wall. I don’t use any other skins. I like a clean, uncluttered desktop.”

Stay tuned to find out who is next to be put under the Spotlight!

DeskScapes 3 Released
Hankers , Friday 13 November 2009 - 02:44:20 // comment: 7

DeskScapes is a unique program that allows users to customize their Windows desktop wallpaper with effects, animation and a variety of other options. DeskScapes 3 adds support for Windows 7 and includes a host of effects that users can apply to their existing traditional desktop backgrounds.

DeskScapes 3 also includes a new configuration interface that lets users easily mix and match between different types of wallpaper. Natively, DeskScapes supports its own popular DREAM format which lets users use video or dynamically generated animated wallpaper. Version 3 extends this format to support what are called “Hybrid dreams” that let users mix and match static images and animation designed to provide easy to create animated wallpaper that are also practical and visually exciting.

Visit Link for more info.

[Submitted by Island Dog]

SDN Spotlight: teddybearcholla
jimbo9294 , Tuesday 03 November 2009 - 13:23:41 // comment: 17

Hi all. I do apologize for not having this posted yesterday, but life throws you curve ball once in while. I am sorry I kept you all waiting. So without any further ado….
This Spotlight features Teddybearcholla. Affectionately known as Teddy (aka Barb Arneson) has been around the skinning community longer than most of us have been skinning, since 2004, and from I can tell she has been a member of SDN since 2005. Teddybearcholla’s skin of choice is Wallpapers.
When I was chatting with Teddybearcholla, I felt that I was in the presence of a great artist. She has inspired, mentored, and tutored many skinners. Teddybearcholla is a Journeyman at and feels it would be an honor to be a Master.
She was a previous admin here at SDN, and now an admin at Skinartistry2. Teddybearcholla is also a member of,,,,, and others.

How did you get started in skinning?
”After I discovered Wincustomize , I was fascinated by the WindowBlinds and drooling over the wide array of wallpapers... so much art, colors, styles!!! And then I thought I could try making a wallpaper on the computer, why not, I draw and paint otherwise. Again, it was and still is a whole new learning process. I have had a lot of help from so many people along the way, and still do!!!”

Who are your favorite skinners?
”Honestly all of them.”

Has anyone of them, inspired you to make a skin? If so, elaborate a bit.
”Yes adni18 with his *Christmas Universe* wallpaper, xoxroth with his amazing terragen scenes, and really so many others.... and Jafo, Seeing that people were making logons with my wallpapers, with my permission of course, he suggested I make my own logons, stating that it was not hard to do.”

Of the skins you made, which is your favorite?
”The ones that evoke some kind of feeling from people.”
This one comes to mind.

Do you have anything you are working on now?
”Yes, I always have a lot of projects in various stages of development. Bananas, and two space scenes making use of a couple of my fractals.”

What skins are you using right now on your desktop?
”Fences!!! Right now I am using Polaris by vStyler.”

Stay tuned to find out who is next to be put under the Spotlight, coming Monday, Nov.16, 2009!

SDN Spotlight: 2of3
jimbo9294 , Monday 19 October 2009 - 19:57:49 // comment: 13

The Spotlight features have been a lot of fun. Getting to know the skinners better has been fantastic. This one, though, is very personal for me.
This Spotlight features 2of3. 2of3 (aka Tim) has not only been a colleague and partner in my most recent works. He is also a dear friend.
2of3 definitely made a place for himself in the skinning community since joining in 2006, stating, “...all my doodling on paper and such has lead up to it (skinning, that is.). 2of3 has endeared himself to many others, not only giving permission to use his skins, he also was very active in the building of those skins.
2of3 was recently promoted to the rank of Master at, and has been a member of SDN since July 2007. While also an administrator at The Skinning Suite. 2of3 is also a member at,,,, and

How did you get started in skinning?
” When I bought my first laptop I set out looking for ways to pretty it up. I stumbled across WinCustomize through a Google search and I was hooked!
Changing my wallpaper soon lost it's novelty, so I looked for other way to customize my desktop. I started out doing some Xp logons and finally got the courage to upload a few that I was mildly proud of (a select few are still in my gallery even today).
I started on my first WB in mid 07 after reading a request for a CTU theme in the WinCustomize forum. I remember being extremely proud of it when I uploaded it finally in July 07, but in retrospect, it was pretty bad and I ended up deleting it the next year. I still have it lying around, though just to remind me of how far I've come since.”

Who are your favorite skinners?
” Essorant, Tiggz, VStyler, IR Braniac, MikeB, KittyMalone (aka Vampothika), Xiandi, The A/V Man and SKoriginals...there’s more...too many to mention ”

Has anyone of them, inspired you to make a skin? If so, elaborate a bit.
” SK has been one of my greatest inspirations. He took an interest in me way back and it has made a huge impact on my development. I sent all my first skins to him to look over and he always had time to critique them and show me ways to improve. What a great mentor...I miss you Shawn!”

Of the skins you made, which is your favorite?
” Well. Hard to answer that...they’re all my babies! I guess my last 3 are my faves ( Fools Gold, Solid State and Magnetek).
Fools Gold because of the pretty orange and black...what great contrast!
Solid State was on of those skins that skinned it's self! It just flowed out of me.....pure inspiration!
Magnetek is my most technical blind. I have to really use all of my knowledge and imagination in order to make it work. I am immensely proud of how it turned out.
I don't want to leave out skins like the SDN tribute suite that I did for this site together with a bunch of SDN members. That was a great experience! And of course The ZubaZ skins...ZubaZ and I founded a great friendship during that project ”

Do you have anything you are working on now?
” I actually am only working seriously on one blind at the moment. You can check out the WIP thread on WinCustomize to follow the progress: Link
I always have something cooking in the back of my mind. Sometimes I draw an idea that came to me in the course of the day other times I just open Photoshop and start drawing. I'm always exiting to see a skin evolve out of one single shape or color. I also document fully my progress during the skinning process. I think I did 8 different versions of the Magnetek start panel!”

What skins are you using right now on your desktop?
”The skin I am currently working on. Nothing distractions!”

Stay tuned to find out who is next to be put under the Spotlight, coming Monday, Nov. 02, 2009!

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